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The origins of Welcome

For 35 years, Workman has grown a successful and sustainable business by focusing on the basics of property management and getting them right, or as some of our clients put it; “sticking to the knitting” or “doing what it says on the tin”.

Despite this longstanding heritage and success, we still look to innovate, change and develop the service as the nature of the real estate industry changes. In fact, being at the coalface working daily with occupiers, we have been well-placed to see the significant shifts taking place in the office sector.

These changes are reflected in what occupiers want from their locations, and how providers of that space have had to become more flexible in both their approach and commercial offering. Additionally, new entrants in the co-working space have disrupted the traditional ‘landlord & tenant’ relationship for good.

a new standard of property management for the office sector, designed for the modern occupier

Within this context, over the last 18 months we have been developing our property management service for larger office assets – a sector where these changes have been most keenly felt. In this space, the relationship is shifting from business to consumer-led, and from product to service. Key requirements now include outstanding customer service, collaborative relationships with customers and a desire to deliver a richer user-experience by creating a sense of place and community.

As a result, the role of the property manager has changed significantly, as the demands have shifted from back of house operations to front of house service. As property managers, we need to be at the forefront of curating the environment that occupiers and their staff want to be in.

In response, and after months of planning, researching and piloting the service across over 1 million sq ft of London offices, Welcome is ready to be rolled out nationwide. The occupier experience we seek to deliver is way beyond the traditional remit of property manager. Welcome is designed to meet the needs of the modern occupier, while ensuring the operational integrity of the buildings we manage.


You can check out a sample of some of our Welcome properties here.


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